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Baeami(Embryo-retaining polished rice)

Baeami(Embryo-retaining polished rice)1
Baeami(Embryo-retaining polished rice)1

Polished rice is the most tasty, unpolished rice gives nutrition · Kanghwa Island rice. Kanghwa Island rice is polished out outer bran leaving embryo, so it keeps nutrition like as unpolished rice while its tasty is good like as polished rice. So it is easy to eat. This rice product is good for aged person or children whose digestive ability is low. Baeami keeps 80% of rice embryo in which more than 66% of rice nutrition is contained. It is soft unpolished rice containing good substances for our body such as γ-oryzanol and vitamin.



Company : Younginfarm Co., Ltd

Tel : +82-70-4156-8800(Jeon Jae-woong)

Fax : +82-32-937-2420

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Address : 979 jungang-ro, yangdo-myeon, ganghwa-gun, Incheon Korea

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Address 227, Munhwa-ro, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do   Korea Agro-fisheries Food Trade Corporation   58326
Phone 82-61-931-1298
Fax 82-061-804-4527
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