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  • Spawn of a Pollack
    InquiriesCompany : Leewoo Trade Corporation Tel : +82-51-463-9745Email : leewoo2015@hanmail.net
  • Fish Cake
    InquiriesCompany : Eiyoh Korea Co., Ltd.Tel : +82-55-586-7061 Email : eiyoh@eiyoh.co.krWebsite : www.eiyoh.co.jp/
  • 春初夏 鱼酱油
    春初夏 鳀鱼酱是 韩国清净海岸附近 春天到初夏天的最新鲜鳀鱼和 三年排除卤水的韩国产天日盐,韩国内黄豆做的做曲 一起混合 3年以上熟成 分愿液以后 第二次六个月以上再熟成后做产品 .根黄豆一起熟成所以味道更好。没有放化学品化工味道 沙拉,三文鱼,饺子,各种面合肥合适。以韩国产鳀鱼和缺卤水的海盐5年以上自然熟成的商品InquiriesCompany : Bomchoyeo Agricultural Company CorporationTel : +82-41-732-5468, +82-10-5535-5468(Bae Jeong-suk)Fax : +82-41-734-5468Email : dhwlr2698@naver.comAddress : 13-1, Bujeok-ro 157beon-gil, Bujeok-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, KoreaHomepage : www.bomchoye.com
  • Egggoog Fish fillets cheese sausage(4 types)
    Fish sausage is a multi-purpose (snack, snack, etc.) product in the Korean market as it has an independent category. Representative Korean snack(It deserve called K-FOOD) The way they sell in Korea is by putting them on the counter at a small food store, which is usually called "a hole shop"(very small shop). Most people pay by looking at the fish fillets sausages on the counter and making purchases on the spot.The history of fish fillets sausages in Korea is more than 35 years old and prospects for future sales are considered stable. It is a very friendly product that brings back memories for Koreans.InquiriesCompany : R&D company Inc.Tel : +82-02-6300-2999, +82-02-6300-2997(Aaron. Yi)Fax : +82-02-6300-2998Email : rndc6881@bizmeka.comAddress : aT center 1204 , 27, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of KoreaHomepage : www.rndcbiz.com
    Seasoned Flying Fish Roe & Seasoned CapelinTOBIKO & MASAGOC.K.GLOBAL features 5 type of flying fush roes & capelin roses. Flying fish roe(Capelin roe) Gold, Which has a natural golden color, to various other colors of roes such as Red, Black, Orange and Wasbi. Sucj colorful roes are processed by adding sweet flavor and pigment to natural roes. C.K.GLOBAL's roe products can be topped or sprinkled on Roe & rice(mix of sashimi, rice and veggie), Sushi, Makki, addming more pleasure to your family dinner table and to mothers who prepare lunch box. Flyind fish roe hsa been accepted as a food element that can upgrade the overall quality of culiary dishes even with a simple decoration on them. This foodstuff is not only indispensable to Japanese dishes but also familiar to us as a must have material to prepare health foods for its rich protein and minerals, for which it has been know as vegetable cheese.- Seasoned Capelin(Tobiko)- Seasoned Capelin(Masago)
    SUSHINOVASushinoba is a product developed by C.K.GLOBAL with hear and soul, consisting of Canadian arctic surf clam, salmon, herring, flying fish roem and capelin roe. It is very popular among epicures, widely used at Japanes restaruants or sushi restaurants. Flying fish roe and capelin roe that burst in th mouth and chewy arctic surf clam, aromatic herring meat representing the special flavor of Sushinova make them great with slalds or various Japanese dishes.- Sushinova Gold- Sushinova Red- Sushinova Wasabi- Sushinov Salmon- Sushinov Nising
    GUNKAN SUSHI ROEThe Squeezable Gunkan Sushi Roe is the roe salad with capelin roe and mayonnaise sauce in harmony, and it comes in spicy flavor where the spiciness of Korean peppers can be experienced, and wasabi flavor, the original and dignified taste of sushi. The Squeesable Hunkan Sushi Roe can be conveniently squeezed for use after being thawed, for kunkan sushi, roll, salad, etc. Because it does not drt out easily holding on to moisture, the sushi shape stays intact for long periods of time.- Gunkan Sushi Roe Spicy- Gunkan Sushi Roe Wasabi
    SEAFOOD SALADThe Menati type salad in pinky colorm and the 'Wasabi' salad is in green color with the wasabi extract. Teh salad product contains capelin ro of lceland in the square shape wich is cut and mixed with surf clam in Mayonnaise. It can be sprinkled on the top of the sushim used as the spaghetti sauce of for sandwiches for special fusion tastes of the Japanese and Westerndishes. Popular in many countries including Japan and Korea, this product is one of the favorite dishes at exclusive Japanese restraurants in Korea.- CK Mentai Style Salad- CK Wasabi Salad
  • Kanten noodle
    Agar agar noodle is Zero calories, Zero Carb, Zero Fat and good for woman's diet, with small amount you can be full.