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    SALMONSalmon has been one of the species rerely found in our dinner table because it left wrong impression that it is pricey or hard to cook. How ever, current well-being trend popularized salmon dishes and a diveersity of sammon dishes satisfid people's taste all over the world and have markedly been the center of public attention. 'Salmon that shows the beauty of life by ending its life in its native habitat', fully indulge in the palatable taste of our premium smked salmon.- Smoked Salmon Fillet- Smoked Salmon Portion- Smoked Salmon Whole-Sliced- Smoked Salmon Sliced(Retail Packages_- Salmon Fillet- Salmon Portion- Salmon Cheese Curlet
  • bang-o chip
    Banga? (뱅어) 1. It’s small, transparent fish dried under the sun. 2. Bones remain intact during drying which leads to high percentage of calcium. (9 times more than milk) 3. Rich Omega-3 helps children’s brain development.