Dairy Products

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    是袋装的果子露冰淇淋,含有活乳酸菌,分为原味、草莓、香蕉、芒果和济州柑橘味。产品没有冰淇淋融化流淌带来的不便。本产品的特点是,逐渐融化产品,通过吸管型袋口部分食用。InquiriesCompany:J&S国际Tel : +82-63-227-9777E-mail : jnsglobal@naver.com
  • Retort Cheer Pack Soy Milk
    This infant food can replace weaning food. Through high temperature sterilization, the food safety is guaranteed, and you can store at room temperature for a long period.InquiriesCompany : Geumgang B&G co., ltd.Tel : 070-7011-5708 E-mail : info.keumkang@gmail.com
  • Cool Slush Yoghurt Ice
    This sherbet ice cream comes in a tube pack. Containing lactobacillus, it comes in original, strawberry, banana, mango and Jejo tangerine flavors. There is no inconvenience of melting and flowing ice cream. Melt the product little by little and sip through the straw-shaped part of the pouch.InquiriesCompany : J&S GlobalTel : +82-63-227-9777 E-mail : jnsglobal@naver.com
  • Yogurberry Yogurt Starter
    · A yogurt starter (fermentation starter) for making your own yogurt with no artificial additives · Very economical as you can make 900ml of yogurt from one pouch of the starter (2g). · No sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives, and artificial flavors · 1-year shelf life · Pour 1 pouch of starter into the fermentation container. Add milk and ferment it in a double boiler or at room temperature. Refrigerate it for 5 hours and enjoy. InquiriesCompany : Who Style Co., Ltd Tel : +82-2-6277-6966 e-mail : passion@hurumcorp.com
  • 蓝莓酸奶乳酸菌种菌
    · 自制无添加健康酸奶发酵种菌· 发酵种菌每包(2g)可做出900ml酸奶、经济实惠。· 不添加白糖、合成色素、防腐剂、合成香料·往酸奶机里放一包发酵种菌后、倒入牛奶、加热发酵、或者常温发酵后在冰箱中放置5小时以上InquiriesCompany : 优格蓓丽 Tel : +82-2-6277-6966 e-mail : passion@hurumcorp.com
  • FOODRELLA Soft Ice Cream Powder
    Introduction Hanmi Soft Ice Cream Powder was developed to obtain a typical dense milky, sweet ice cream taste and homogeneous texture. It’s one of the most profitable ways to sell ice cream. It is so simple to prepare- just add 2~3 liters of sterilized water, mix it and then pour into the soft ice cream machine. Features Specification Flavor Mixing Ratio Storage Shelf-Life(M) Unit Chocolate 1+2~3 Ambient 12 1Kg / Al Bag Vanilla 1+2~3 Ambient 12 1Kg / Al Bag Green Tea 1+2~3 Ambient 12 1Kg / Al Bag Strawberry 1+2~3 Ambient 12 1Kg / Al Bag Yogurt 1+4 Ambient 12 1Kg / Al Bag
  • A Dessert Made with Soybeans: Salele Dalkong
    A Dessert Made with Soybeans: Salele Dalkong The largest producer of packed tofu in Korea, Pulmuone, has recently released its new dessert product Salele Dalkong, which is made with soybeans. Salele Dalkong is a pudding made from highly enriched soybean milk. In addition to organic soybeans, the product uses fresh whipped cream and cacao. Even children who do not like tofu and soybeans will enjoy this sweet and smooth dessert. In consideration for the health of consumers, no artificial coloring or flavoring agents are added in the product. The caloric value is 130-140㎉ per 90g, which is only half of the average of pudding products made with milk. In other words, this healthy dessert is good as a light breakfast or afternoon snack. What’s more, consumers can conveniently enjoy it anytime and anywhere because the package includes a tray and spoon. Three Flavors Released to Cater to Different Tastes To appeal to different preferences of consumers, Pulmuone offers the product in three flavors: Sweet, Plain, and Cacao. The Sweet Salele Dalkong contains fresh whipped cream, and it tastes especially great if you add some nuts. The Plain variety lets you feel the original taste of soybeans, but you can also use it similarly to yogurt and add jam and cereal for toppings. As for the cacao flavored pudding, try spreading it on a cracker or bagel and have it with a cup of coffee. That way, you can feel the strong taste of cacao to the fullest. * Inquiries: Pulmuone Co., Ltd. Tel: +82-80-022-0085 Website: www.pulmuone.com
  • vanilla frappe mix powder
    This is the base powder for variation beverage , mainly coffee shop menu. Included natural vanilla bean from Madagascar. packed 1kg/pb, 10pb/box. It is acquired the Haccp certification, using wholly inhigh classed coffee shops. The shelf life is one year.
  • iBee Honey
    iBee Honey FDA and G-mark certified High0quality, Well-being Honey Honey Certified by the Governor of Gyeonggi-province iBee Honey is gathered in clean areas. It is pure 100% honey from flowers, safety certified by carbon isotope test with the score below -24 (average score -23.5), as well as antibiotics test. The governor of Gyeonggi Province certified our product with G-Mark, and US FDA approved it as well. iBee Products