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  • Auno Nutdy
    The candy is made with Auno sugar mixed with a golden ratio of grain syrup made of homegrown peanut and rice, homegrown sea salt, and natural butter.InquiriesCompany : Auno Co. Ltd.Tel : +82-53-587-7110, +82-10-9919-2002(Kwon Jae-won)Fax : +82-53-587-7130Email : : 6, Hosandong-ro 1-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of KoreaHomepage :
  • 彩虹圣女果片
    具备酥脆的口感和水果特有的香气,不添加调料,可以在常温下保管。生吃或者放进酸奶里吃,将成为美味的零食。在热水中泡上1分钟左右的话,可变成排毒茶,根据个人喜好,泡在碳酸水里喝味道也很好。InquiriesCompany : (株)自然环境Tel : +82-10-8375-4500E-mail :
  • HAN Q杯炒年糕
    韩国代表性小吃炒年糕,有多种口味,用100%韩国产米糕制作,质量可靠。本品是微波炉即食料理,可以常温保管,在杯子里倒水后放入微波炉中加热即可。InquiriesCompany : DNLTel : +82-2-6925-3045E-mail :
  • UP&DOWN 脆麦片
    混合坚果类、干水果等制成的麦片产品,可以作为一顿饭或零食食用,属无麸质产品,是富含膳食纤维和维生素的健康食品。采用棒袋包装,可以直接倒入口中食用,或者作为菜肴的浇头使用。InquiriesCompany : (株)Living LifeTel : 070-4827-2256E-mail :
  • 手制巧克力派
    是著名糕点店丰年制果的热门商品,是用韩国产小麦和鸡蛋制成的环保产品。冷冻保管和流通的保质期为1年,常温下可保存30天, 适合作为零食与咖啡或牛奶一起搭配。InquiriesCompany:(株)姜东午蛋糕Tel : +82-63-211-9400E-mail :
  • Rainbow Cherry Tomato Chips
    The chips are crispy and have the unique flavor of fruit. No flavor has been added and you can keep it in room temperature. Enjoy as is or add to yoghurt for a filling snack. Infuse in hot water for about 1 minute to make a detox tea or infuse in carbonated water according to taste.InquiriesCompany : Jayeonteo co., ltd.Tel : +82-10-8375-4500E-mail :
  • Hankyu Cup Tteokbokki
    Teokbokki is one of the representative street food of Korea and has various tastes. Made from 100% Korean rice cake, you can trust the quality. Instantly cook in the microwave oven, and store in room temperature. All you need to do is pour hot water in the cup and heat in the microwave oven.InquiriesCompany : DNL Tel : +82-2-6925-3045E-mail :
  • CUPFUL Shake
    This meal replacement powder has low calorie and enhanced satiety and taste. It comes in a handy pouch to improve hygiene. Also, it comes in various flavors that can choose according to your taste. Simply pour over water into the pouch anytime anywhere.InquiriesCompany : Orange People co., ltd.Tel : +82-10-3721-3599E-mail :
  • Ollie Nari Crunch
    This cereal product was made by mixing nuts and dried fruits. Serve as a replacement meal or a snack. It's gluten free and is healthy with rich amount of dietary fiber and vitamins. Take the stick pouch as is or sprinkle over your meal.InquiriesCompany : Living Life co., ltd.Tel : 070-4827-2256 E-mail :