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  • 麴醇堂水果味大米马格利酒
    在以大米为主要原料的马格利酒中添加了年轻消费层偏爱的水果的甜蜜味道,是没有酒精味和酒曲味的3-5度的低度酒,可根据个人喜好选择味道(蜜桃,香蕉)。InquiriesCompany:(株)麴醇堂Tel : +82-2-513-8524E-mail :
  • Kooksoondang Fruit Rice Makgeolli
    Sweet fruity flavor was added to Makgeolli made from rice to represent the preference of the young generation. This low alcoholic drink with 3 - 5% alcohol content has less alcohol and yeast smell. According to preference, you can choose from peach and banana flavors.InquiriesCompany : Kooksoondang co., ltd.Tel : +82-2-513-8524 E-mail :
  • Fruit-flavor Rice Makkoli
    · A rice makkoli (Korean rice wine) flavored with fruit for young consumers who prefer a mild and sweet taste. · With its relatively low alcohol content (3%-5%), consumers who do not like an alcoholic or yeasty scent can enjoy the product. · Available in 4 types: banana, peach, citron, and lime flavors · An alcoholic beverage which can be casually enjoyed with a meal. Choose which ever flavor you prefer! InquiriesCompany : Kooksoondang Brewery Co., LtdTel : +82-2-513-8530 e-mail :
  • 水果味米酒
    · 大米为主原料的米酒中加入水果、酿制出年轻人喜欢的口感柔软、香甜的酒。· 讨厌酒精和酒糟味的人也喜欢的3-5度低度酒。· 有菠萝、蜜桃、柚子、柠檬四种口味· 伴着美食可饮用的米酒、可根据个人喜好选择不同口味 InquiriesCompany : 麴醇堂株式会社 Tel : +82-2-513-8530 e-mail :
  • 曲尾洒
    曲尾洒是浊酒和和鸡尾酒的合成词,可以感受到马格利鸡尾酒的风味。本品是放入果实的淀粉质原料制成的天然果实浊酒。InquiriesCompany : BHD BreweryTel : +82-02-3462-7328Fax : +82-02-576-6325Email : : 835, Seobong-ro, Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of KoreaHomepage :
  • Taktail
    Taktail, the combination of takju (‘rice wine’) and cocktail, delivers the flavor of a rice wine cocktail. It is a natural fruit rice wine that includes the farinose ingredient of fruit.InquiriesCompany : BHD BreweryTel : +82-02-3462-7328Fax : +82-02-576-6325Email : : 835, Seobong-ro, Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of KoreaHomepage :
  • Buja Rice Wine(Makgeolli), Takju
    富 BU 者 JA [10, 13, 16]BUJA is a revived traditional Korean rice wine, which was loved by royal families and aristocrats in the past.It is brewed with natural ingredients such as rice, water and Nuruk[Korean Yeast].Also, only locally produced ingredients are used to make 'BUJA'.Lastly, it does not have any artificial additives or coloring in all of the 'BUJA' branded products.BUJA was born out of natural fermentation process via Korean yest called "Nuruk".Thus, it has a distinctive aroma and flavor. Also, unlike other rice wines, BUJA has light and smooth feel with clean finish. ABV : 10, 13, 16%VOL : 300ml[13,16%]375ml[10%]ING : Rice 100%
  • BHD Rice Wine - 6%
    BHD Rice Wine - 6% Contrary to its origin, Makgeolli[Rice Wine] is considered a cheap drink for commoner. Thus, in modern day Korea it is brewed with inferior ingredients and often with artificial additives or sweetener. However, BHD RICE WINE doed NOT contain artificial additives of sweetener. We always use the best and the freshest ingredients because we believe that in order to maintain the high standard we strive to achieve, we can never compromise quality of ingredients. BHD rice wine is brewed via 'raw rice fermentation method' , resulting in higher concentration of dietary fiber and amino acid beneficial for our health. Our rice wine has distintive aroma and smooth finish, which is easy to drink. ABV : 6%VOL : 750ml & 1000ING : Rice 100%
  • Taktail - 7%
    TAKTAIL - 7% TAKTAIL is rice wine(Makgeolli) cocktail combined with natural fruit juice.TAKTAIL is a compound word of Takju + Coctail[ Takju : traditional Korean rice wine or makgeolli]It is brand name for prodcts of rice wine[Makgeolli] coktail drinks.A distinctive quality which TAKTAIL differ from regular rice wine is its' amount of natural fruit juice.There are five flavor : Black Raspberry, Plum[Japanese apricot], Strawberry, Banana, Grape.As with every product from BHD, Taktail is also very smooth and finish. However, since it has high concentrartion of fruit juice inside it is more vibrant and has zing about them. ABV : 7%VOL : 375mlING : Rice and over 20% of each fruit juice
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