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  • 切杏仁枣片
    在大枣中去除籽,放入杏仁切片后干燥的产品。杏仁香浓的味道与甜味的大枣搭配,味道非常好。InquiriesCompany : Ukisaem Co., Ltd.Tel : +82-43-857-0854, +82-10-4282-0854(Lim Eiu-su)Fax : +82-70-7429-0855Email : joyenter1@naver.comAddress : 393, Solgogae-ro, Judeok-eup, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of KoreaHomepage :
  • Sliced Barley Almond Jujube Chip
    The product is a jujube whose seeds are removed and filled with almond before it is sliced and dried. It registers a perfect harmony with jujube which has both aromatic and sweet tastes.InquiriesCompany : Ukisaem Co., Ltd.Tel : +82-43-857-0854, +82-10-4282-0854(Lim Eiu-su)Fax : +82-70-7429-0855Email : joyenter1@naver.comAddress : 393, Solgogae-ro, Judeok-eup, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of KoreaHomepage :
  • Tabacco Flavors
    Tobacco leaves contain not only essential oil components but also extractives, and various kinds of flavoring components are generated during cigarette-producing process or fermentation process. Because farming and processing methods and quality of the leaves tremendously affect the fineness, it is usual to promote improvement of the quality by artificially affixing flavors. Product American blend casing flavor Cream Type Apple Type Date Type Burley casing flavor Maple Type Burley enhancer Marron Type Chocolate-heney Type Mint Type Ciga flavor Rum Type Cocoa reaction flavor Tabacco booster Cocoa Type Vanilla Type Cream cocoa Type Virginea type flavor
  • Only Top Quality Chestnut Products Bamtrae
    Cutting-Edge Processing Facilities… A Variety of Products Including Matbam, Sweet Chestnut Jelly, Marron Paste, and Geondangchimbam Chestnuts contain abundant nutrition―calcium, protein, potassium, and much more. They are also rich in vitamin C, which is believed to be effective in skincare and recovery from fatigue. This nutritional balance makes the chestnut a wholesome food. One Korean company produces various processed chestnut products using Korean chestnuts and exports its products to Japan and Taiwan. That company is Bamtrae Agricultural Cooperative. Chestnut Peeling Technology and Facilities with No Rivals in Korea Bamtrae, located in Eunsan-myeon of Buyeo County in South Chungcheong Province, was established in 2005. It produces a variety of processed chestnut products including Matbam, Sweet Chestnut Jelly, Marron Paste, Geondangchimbam, Chestnut Puree, Shelled Chestnuts, and Marron Pancake―all of which are made with Buyeo chestnuts of the world-class quality.Bamtrae is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, such as the flame-based chestnut peeling system that can peel chestnuts in quantity using fire. No other company in Korea possesses such facilities. The system allows for peeling the shell of the nut by heating the nut at the high temperature of 650℃ while keeping the unique characteristics and flavor of the chestnut intact.In addition, Bamtrae offers high quality products at competitive prices. This is possible because the company can mass-produce peeled chestnuts, which increases productivity while reducing production costs including labor.Mr. Kang Bong-suk, a director of Bamtrae, introduces his company, “Bamtrae produces various, unique processed chestnut products that use as the main ingredient Korean chestnuts. These Korean chestnuts receive worldwide recognition for excellent quality. The key to our production is the ability to peel a large amount of chestnuts with the flame-based chestnut peeling system.” Development of Cultivars Suitable for Processing…Supplying Trae 1 Bamtrae is actively trying to develop chestnut cultivars that are a better fit for processed products. The majority of chestnut varieties that are currently cultivated in Korea first need to be peeled of the thick outer layer that surrounds the nut inside the shell. For three years, Bamtrae, in conjunction with a Buyeo chestnut research group and chestnut farmers in Buyeo, has been developing a variety of chestnut that can exude a nice scent, peel well so that it can be easily used for processed chestnut products, and be robust against pests and blights. Their efforts led to the birth of “Trae 1.” This new cultivar received a favorable response from chestnut farmers at an agricultural show held on October 15. Now, Bamtrae is planning to expand the area of Trae 1 cultivation to 1,000 hectares in the next three years.Mr. Kang Sin-hwang, CEO of Bamtrae, said, “Our company has worked hard for several years on developing the cultivar in order to differentiate our chestnut products other Korean and Chinese products. Our hard work has finally paid off.” Mr. Kang revealed that Bamtrae intends to capitalize on the strengths of its chestnut―a good scent, high sugar content, and invulnerability to pests and diseases―to produce a variety of processed chestnut products that suits consumers’ preferences. Complying with Rigid Production Safety Standards and Obtaining HACCP Certification Bamtrae makes its products using only the Korean chestnuts of clear yellow color. All of them keep the original taste and nutrients of the chestnuts. They also receive recognition as healthy products that do not contain sugar or other additives. What’s more, the company strictly follows the rules of the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) system. The company’s facilities have been designed and built to make clean and reliable products in the hygienic conditions that ensure removal of hazards at all stages―from preparing raw ingredients to producing and distributing the products. For its ceaseless efforts, Bamtrae was given the status of a HACCP applying company by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. In addition, Bamtrae employs a quality control team whose main responsibility is to check that the products have no flaws. Winning Popularity among Large Distributors & Home-shopping Networks Bamtrae products enjoy a big popularity in the domestic market. They are not only low in calories and healthy but they also, especially in the case of chestnut jelly and puree, have a subtle chestnut flavor that makes them taste great with tea. For these reasons, the products won the hearts of many Koreans, irrespective of age and gender.Bamtrae supplies its products on a contract basis to large distributors such as Lotte Mart, Homeplus, and Nonghyup Hanaro Mart. The shops specializing in environmentally friendly organic foods, such as Orga Whole Foods, are also showing interest in Bamtrae products. Recently, Bamtrae products are selling well through home-shopping networks like NS Mall. Focusing on Export of Upgraded Products to Overseas Countries Including Japan Bamtrae had once exported only peeled chestnuts, but it advanced into the processed product market by producing high value-added products. Now, the company is targeting the Japanese market where the consumers enjoy chestnuts but have to rely on imports due to a decreased amount of domestic production. Japan has demonstrated a huge interest in the high-quality, safe products of Bamtrae. With the help of recently improved processing skills, the company is able to develop products that can attract Japanese consumers. It is planning to commence sales through a Japanese home-shopping channel on December 26 this year. Bamtrae has set the goal of exporting USD$1 million worth of the products by the end of 2014.Mr. Kang said, “Although the amount of our exports has been hovering around USD$200,000, we have an ambition to achieve USD$1 million in exports this year by deploying an aggressive strategy, such as selling the products through Japanese home-shopping channels.” Mr. Kang is confident that Bamtrae products have a high chance of success in Japan due to the higher quality and food safety than the Chinese products. Inquiries Bamtrae Tel +82-41-834-7700 Fax +82-41-834-7707 Website
  • Peeled Chestnuts
    Major producing area : Hadong, Sancheong, Gurye, Kongju, Puyeo Harvest season : Early of September - Mik of Octoder Export period : End of Spetember - January Export Packing : 25kgs net/plastic container 800plastic container/40'FCL reefer
  • Special Korean Chestnut
    Special Korea Chestnut FeaturesCarefully selected chestnuts with big and excellent shapePollution-free chestnuts without fumigation processIdeal for gift ** Available to adjust of packing size
  • Peeled Chestnut
    We are proud of its know-how handling chestnut during 20 years. From Purchasing raw material to the shipment, we control the quality according to our strict qualtity control system. So our product always maintain freshness. ITEM : Peeled Chestnut PACKAGE : 12.5kg/CAN MIN QUANTITY : 5M/T (400 CAN) INGREDIENTS(%) : Chestnut 100%
  • Processed Foods / Nuts Powder
    ITEM DESC : Pure dried nuts powder ITEM : Processed Foods / Nuts Powder PACKAGE : 20kg
  • Peanut Brittle
    Description Peanut Brittle is natural snack which is made from peanut, butter etc. The taste is crispy, not sticky so that you do not need to worry about your fingers Peanut Brittle is more delicious when you have it with cake or Ice cream Try it, you will love it !! Ingredients : Peanut, Butter, Salt, Liquid sugar.
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