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    是鸡肉内侧的肉也渗透调料的的炸鸡,与17种天然材料一起在2°C以下的温度下发酵72小时,然后将烹饪程度达80%以上的炸鸡放入包装,加热大约10分钟或油炸,就能品尝到酥脆的炸鸡。InquiriesCompany:(株)JK国际Tel : +82-2-6959-9259E-mail : sm@yadllie.com
  • 参鸡汤
    运用韩国传统料理方法制作的即食参鸡汤,具有可室温流通的优点,而且肉质筋道,在热水中浸泡或者在锅里煮开后即可食用。InquiriesCompany : 桂珍食品(株)Tel : +82-55-942-5500E-mail : pari_s@hanmail.net
  • 参鸡汤
    按照韩国传统烹饪方式,将鸡肉与水参、糯米、栗子、大枣一起熬制的粥产品,本产品为蒸馏包装袋形态的产品,食用方便。将蒸馏包装袋放在热水或微波炉中加热,可以方便食用。还可以将产品倒到锅中,根据喜好添加材料,制作成美味的营养粥。InquiriesCompany : (株)MANIKER F&GE-mail : kjy314@hanmail.net
  • Yadllie Chicken
    It was made by marinating the juicy meat of chicken. After marinating in 17 natural ingredients, it was matured at a temperature under 2℃ for 72 hours. Each pack contains chicken that has been cooked over 80%. Heat up or deep fry for about 10 minutes to best enjoy the crispy texture of chicken.InquiriesCompany : JK Global co., ltd.Tel : +82-2-6959-9259E-mail : sm@yadllie.com
  • Samgyetang
    This instant Samgyetang was made according to the Korean traditional recipe. It has the advantages of room temperature distribution, and it has chewy texture of meat. Heat in a water bath or boil in a pot before serving.InquiriesCompany : Gyejin Food co., ltd.Tel : +82-55-942-5500E-mail : pari_s@hanmail.net
  • Samgye Porridge
    This porridge product was made by boiling chicken, fresh ginseng, glutinous rice, chestnut and jujube for a long time according to Korean traditional recipe. It comes in a convenient retort pouch. You can heat in a water bath, heat in the microwave oven or pour the content in a pot and add ingredients according to taste to enjoy nutritious porridge.InquiriesCompany : Maniker F&G co., ltd.E-mail : kjy314@hanmail.net
  • Ginseng Chicken Soup
    · A retort pouch containing Korean ginseng chicken stew, which is a famous health food of Korea. It consists primarily of chicken, ginseng and various herbs. · You can store the product at room temperature since it was pressurized, heated and sterilized after being packed by fourfold pouches. · Product capacity: 800g. 12-month shelf life · Warm up in a double boiler or heat by pouring the contents into a pot · When heating by microwave, pour the contents into a microwave-safe bowl. InquiriesCompany : Gyodong Food Co., Ltd Tel : +82-2-5091-3322 e-mail : shengjie0915@naver.com
  • Ginseng and Chicken Rice Porridge
    · It contains boneless chicken flesh, and it is easy to eat. The Ginseng and Chicken Rice Porridge is boiled with fresh ginseng and jujubes, preserving the very original taste of Korean ginseng chicken stew and its nutrition. · Using a retort package, it is easy to cook. · Warm up in a double boiler, heat by pouring the contents into a pot, or use a microwave. InquiriesCompany : Maniker F&G Co., Ltd Tel : +82-31-899-1151 e-mail : kjy314@hanmail.net
  • 参鸡汤
    · 可方便地吃到小鸡和人参等用草药烹制的韩国代表美食参鸡汤的蒸煮产品。· 四重包装后、加压、加热、杀菌处理、可常温储藏。· 产品重量900克、有效期12个月。· 可放在笼屉中蒸或入锅加热后食用。· 用微波炉时、必须使用专用容器加热后食用。InquiriesCompany : 校洞食品株式会社 Tel : +82-2-5091-3322 e-mail : shengjie0915@naver.com
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