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  • 一口系列
    将捣碎的蔬菜做成香肠形状,以一口即入的尺寸制作的产品。分为炸酱味、什锦味和鸡排味,在微波炉中烹制20秒后即可食用。InquiriesCompany : (株)猪肉食品Tel : +82-53-558-2345E-mail : ilove_food@naver.com
  • Bite Series
    This product has finely diced vegetables in bite-sized sausage shapes. It comes in Jjajang, Japchae and stir-fried chicken flavors. Cook in the microwave oven for 20 seconds and serve.InquiriesCompany : Doyaji Food co., ltd.Tel : +82-53-558-2345 E-mail : ilove_food@naver.com
  • 8-color well-being sausage
    · A bite-sized sausage product. Using collagen casings, it has less of chance of popping up and offers a mild taste. · The 8 types of sausages can be using various recipes with fish cake, squid ink, pizza, etc. · Easy to cook in the microwave · Try sausages on a skewer, an easy way to enjoy them at a picnic or after a sports activity. InquiriesCompany : Doyaji Food Co., LtdTel : +82-53-558-2345 e-mail : 871118@naver.com
  • Natural Hog Casing
    · A casing product that encloses the filling of hand-made sausages · Produced with only a layer of hog intestines, it is nutritionally superior to artificial casings. · With 2mm intervals, you can create sausages of various sizes.· You can enjoy a healthy home-cooked meals by making hand-made ham and sausages. · The natural casing offers a chewy texture that can be useful for sausage manufacturers and fancy restaurants. InquiriesCompany : WOORI B&B Co., Ltd Tel : +82-63-840-5876 e-mail : hjyrj2@nate.com
  • Sausage
    · Chewy taste that contains thick grains from raw meats · Available in various sizes (20g, 70g, 100g) · Storable in a heating cabinet in convenience stores (70g×7ea/pack). A product for food materials is being developed. · Enjoyable in the same way as conventional sausage products InquiriesCompany : Nonghyup Moguchon Inc Tel : +82-2-2224-8742 e-mail : 2subok@daum.net
  • 八色健康香肠
    · 使用胶原蛋白肠衣生产的一口肠、口感松软。· 鱼丸、墨鱼汁、披萨等各种制作配方的八色香肠。· 用微波炉加热后即可食用。· 肉串型香肠适合郊游或运动等户外活动后方便食用。InquiriesCompany : 猪肉食品株式会社 Tel : +82-53-558-2345 e-mail : 871118@naver.com
  • 天然猪肠衣
    · 生产火腿、香肠等产品时、为产品塑形的肠衣、· 用猪内脏外皮的肠衣比人造肠衣更富营养。· 可生产规格2mm间隙的产品· 作为健康饮食、可在家中制作、食用火腿、香肠。· 香肠加工厂和高级餐厅可使用口感劲道的天然肠衣。 InquiriesCompany : 友利B&B株式会社 Tel : +82-63-840-5876 e-mail : hjyrj2@nate.com
  • 香肠
    · 香肠产品· 因原料是颗粒状、肉质劲道、口感极佳· 20g, 70g, 100g等不同包装· 适合储存在超市恒温箱的规格(70g×7ea/pack)、正在开发食材及供餐伙食用产品· 食用方法与原有香肠产品一致。InquiriesCompany : 农协牧牛村 Tel : +82-2-2224-8742 e-mail : 2subok@daum.net
  • H Real Sausage
    H Real Sausage Korean fish sausages have only recently caught the eyes of Chinese buyers. Made of fish fillet and cheese, these sausages boast an attractive scent and chewiness. They are also low in calories. Young Chinese mothers are interested in Korean fish sausages because the products are rich in nutrition and held to high food safety standards. Thanks to these benefits, the products have gained popularity in a short period of time as a wholesome snack for Chinese infants and children. Recently, Dongwon F&B?a renowned Korean producer of processed foods, such as canned tuna?has released a premium fish sausage product. Called “Real Sausage,” the product is receiving many favorable reviews. No Food Coloring or Preservatives…Perfect Snack for KidsReal Sausage comes in two flavors, crab (Real Crab Stick) and cheese (Real Cheese Stick). To match the trend of an increasing demand for healthy foods, Dongwon F&B has maximized the use of natural ingredients for these products. Real Crab Stick, for example, is made with pollock paste and Korean red snow crab. Due to the high content of red snow crab, consumers can feel the rich taste of crab. What’s more, the products have no cholesterol, trans fats, food coloring, or preservatives. According to a representative of Dongwon F&B, the company is planning to develop sausages of various flavors and all of the products will use natural ingredients to stay true to the word “real” in the product’s name. Inquiries Dongwon F&B Tel +82-2-589-3196 E-mail joypr@dongwon.com Website www.dongwonfnb.com