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The Birthplace of Instant Noodles in a Square Container, Paldo
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Putting Spurs to Becoming a Global Food Company with the Flagship Dosirac, One of the Most Loved Products in Russia


Dosirac, instant noodles in a square-shaped container, is the best-selling ramen in Russia. Dosirac first entered the Russian market in the late 1980s. It now has a 60 percent share of the Russian ramen market and is so popular that local consumers call it “the best ramen in Russia.” There is even a joke among Russian people that one needs Dosirac to get over a hangover after drinking vodka. The birthplace of Dosirac is Paldo, a Korean instant noodle exporter. Paldo is actively promoting its delicious processed foods, including Dosirac, to 60 countries worldwide.  




Paldo Annually Sells Over 200 Million Dosirac Products in Russia

Paldo Dosirac is briskly sold in 30 countries - Russia, the US, Australia, and so on - and it is currently enjoying the highest popularity in Russia. The square-shaped noodle product has recorded a rapid increase in sales volume since the early 2000s. Russians now consume over 200 million Dosirac products every year.
The biggest reason for Dosirac’s success story in Russia is the company’s effort to customize the taste according to the preferences of the local consumers. Dosirac comes in a wider variety of types than other instant noodle products: chicken flavored, mushroom flavored, shrimp flavored, and many more. Paldo also makes it a rule to use safe and high-priced ingredients for Dosirac. What’s more, Paldo possesses superior ramen manufacturing techniques and further differentiates its products from the competitors by providing a fork with every Dosirac product.



What Are Paldo’s Delicious Processed Foods?

Paldo is actively carrying forward its global sales business to become a global food exporter. This year Paldo is making efforts to extend its markets to India, Central and South America, and Africa. The company is also trying to raise awareness of the brand by promoting a variety of the products it offers for export, including aloe beverages and snacks. introduces our readers to Paldo’s delicious processed foods that are actively exported overseas.
Paldo’s seasoned seaweed is becoming popular in Russia, the US, and Canada as a healthy snack. After the company released a large-sized seasoned seaweed product - 11g, twice as big as the original 5g - and a wasabi flavored-seasoned seaweed product, the overseas sales volume has been steadily growing. Capitalizing on continuous sales promotions, tasting events, and commercial ads targeting foreign consumers, Paldo plans to meet its export target of USD$1 million seaweed product sales this year.
Paldo’s flagship beverage products are aloe beverages and the beverage for kids Pororo. The aloe beverages turn in over USD$9 million a year. Paldo develops each new aloe product based on thorough market research and efforts to match the tastes of local consumers. Last year, for example, the company released new aloe beverage products for Mexicans and European people. There are several different types of Paldo aloe beverages: original, sugar free, pomegranate, blueberry, etc. Moreover, they are differentiated by target consumer: from premium aloe beverage Paldo Aloe to lower-priced Aloe Born.
Pororo beverage for kids is very popular with Chinese children. Last year’s export sales to China reached USD$1.53 million. This figure doubled compared to the previous year and accounts for over 75 percent of the total exports of Paldo Pororo. The biggest popularity factor of the beverage is the cute character design that kids like. The variety of tastes - milk, strawberry, apple, and so on - are yet another strong point. This year Paldo plans to meet the export target of USD$3 million by launching new Pororo products: a pouched Pororo beverage and a Pororo beverage for the kids in the Middle East. 
Delicious snacks produced by Paldo are also receiving favorable evaluations from overseas consumers. These include Crab Snack, Sesame Snack, and Bean Curd Snack. Crab Snack goes well with alcoholic drinks thanks to its aromatic and salty taste. Sesame snack is made with sesame and honey and is good for children. Bean Curd Snack is low in salt and calories, so it’s great when you want a nutritious snack.