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Pockachip Baked Nori
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New-Style Potato Chips Covered with Seaweed Powder
Korean seaweed products are becoming popular with foreign consumers as healthy snacks. Low in calories and good for the health, they are actively exported to the global market—the US, China, Japan, Europe, and many other countries.

One of Korea’s representative confectionary companies, Orion, has recently released a new product, Pockachip Baked Nori, to commemorate the company’s 60th anniversary. The new product is receiving many favorable reviews from consumers.

Strong Seaweed Fragrance
Pockachip is thinly sliced potato chips made with fresh potatoes. This snack is a steady seller ranked 7th in sales volume in the domestic market.

In the process of developing this new type of Pockachip, the producer conducted intensive market research in Korea and abroad—Japan, the US, and Australia—to examine the item’s overseas business potential. Orion also intended to create this new type as a seaweed snack, so they developed seaweed powder that could be evenly sprinkled on potato chips. The resulting product has a strong seaweed fragrance and was evaluated as a successful combination of the savory seaweed with plain potato chips. 


A representative of Orion said, “Korean seaweed snacks are very popular abroad because they can be both a nutritious snack for children and an accompaniment to beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. There is no doubt that the new Pockachip, too, will earn fans overseas. We are planning to export it to China and other foreign markets.”