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Bibimbap, BTS’ favorite Korean dish
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BTS, or the Bangtan Boys composed of seven male idols, is enjoying popularity among a lot of people for pleasing their ears with strongly addictive songs. The boy band has grown into a world-famous idol group, carrying out two sold-out concerts at the O2 Arena in London, where top singers like Madonna or Paul McCartney can perform, and topping Billboard Chart, among others.

Therefore, every move of the band draws attention from a lot of people. Especially, their frequently visited restaurants are now the go-to places for international tourists visiting Korea.

Yujeong Restaurant, which is located in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, allows visitors stepping into its hall easily notice all the BTS photos and goods as well as their dedicated seats.  BTS’ favorite dish here is Dolsot Bibimbap with Black Pig Pork. It is what BTS members often take out.

So, those fans who come here favors the dish as their best. At the price of 8,000 won, the bibimbap as usual is served together with Jeju black pig pork and laver powder in a stone pot. Jeong Hyeong-don, the South Korean comedian who happened to be at the restaurant said, “It boasts a taste that everyone would like and nobody would dislike.”

#Bibimbap Story

Bibimbap, which has various herbs and stir-fried meat on rice and then lets the diner mix them with red pepper sauce, comes in as the representative Korean food handpicked by both Koreans and foreigners. Included among Korean Air’s in-flight in-flight meals in the early 1990s, bibimbap took just a short time to captivate the world’s palate. Now, it is reportedly as the most popular dish of all the airline meals around the world.

The name of bibimbap varies depending on which food ingredients are added on top of those various herbs and which dinnerware the food I served in. Sea quirt bibimbap, cockle bibimbap, seaweed bibimbap, and bulgogi bibimbap are the variants of bibimbap whose names represent the food ingredients added. Brass bowl bibimbap and dolsot bibimbap are named after the dinnerware which bibimbap is served in.

Actually, bibimbap recipe is quite simple. Stir-fry green pumpkin, beef, mushroom, eggplant, carrot, and egg separately on a frying plan and add them to cooked rice. Then, mix them all with red pepper sauce.  Add sesame oil and perilla oil to enjoy an aromatic flavor. To meet your preferences, you may want to add other various ingredients.

#The Bibimbap Ingredients Exported to the World
① Convenience Bibimbap
The product has Korean rice and vegetables as its main ingredients. It has two varieties: cup bibimbap that can be served quickly through 3-minute heating in the microwave and pouch bibimbap into which the user has to pour hot water. Thanks to the frozen-drying technology, the newly cooked rice taste and the fresh mouthfeel of the vegetables are kept intact.
· Company: SIK Co., Ltd.
· Tel: +82 70-7011-5706
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②T Master Sesame Oil

The product which uses 100% Korean sesame, carries the dedicated work by Choe Soon-hee, a traditional food artist. Sesame is washed at least four times and compressed at a low temperature. As it doesn’t go through refining, the sesame’s aromatic flavor is kept intact in the product.

· Company: Seungin Food
· Tel: +82 51-271-7729, +82 10-3564-1009 (Manager Choi Soo-tae)
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③ Product Name: Red Pepper Paste

Focusing on consumer health, the product doesn’t us any artificial additives like preservatives, colorants, or artificial seasonings. As the prepared red pepper sauce goes through 6-month-long ripening, consumers can enjoy a soft taste.

· Company: Jookjangyeon
· Tel: +82 53-283-1530, +82 10-6206-8558 (CEO Jung Youn-tae)
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