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Pioneering Export Market with Naturally Grown Gangwon Originated Vegetables
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The vegetable with rice made of rice, potato, and four vegetables produced in Gangwondo with naturally gifted environment has been processed for a frozen food commercialized for exportation. Recently as it has been exported around the U.S market gaining popularity, U.S consumers are rushing to look for this product. The Naechon Nonghyup in Hongcheon Gangwondo for t
he first time exported Gangwon Vegetables with Rice to the U.S in 2017.


The Gangwon Vegetables with Rice sold by Naechon Nonghyup is a healthy rice food of health functional with much dietary fiber and antioxidant, which has attracted popularity in overseas. On October 2017, Ahn Doyoung, the union president of Naechon Nonghyup registered for the sale store of Gangwon Vegetables with Rice said, “There have been many cases of import consultation from overseas consumers who tried Gangwon Vegetables with Rice not only in Korea but also in overseas and who found out it contains rich dietary fiber with excellent texture and nutrition.” He pointed out, “The exportation of Gangwon Vegetables with Rice has been successfully advanced to the U.S market as a weapon of nutritious and healthy foods which can satisfy overseas consumers."

Gangwon Vegetables with Rice, Rich in Dietary Fiber and Antioxidant

Recently, the Naechon Nonghyup is seeking for the exportation to the Southeast markets of Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Italy following the U.S market. Starting the first exportation to the U.S in 2017 (33 million won), they have a plan to increase the quantity and a goal of 100 million won exportation this year. Recently, they have concentrated on the export variation by widely strengthening the promotion of the nutrition fact of Gangwon Vegetables with Rice targeting overseas buyers.

The Gangwondo Agricultural Research and Extension Services has studied and developed Gangwon Vegetables with Rice in order to introduce Gangwon food culture to the world through 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic and for foreigners to eat daily including Koreans. Gangwon Vegetables with Rice has been made by the application of the patented technology in varieties of Olympic Rings Rice and Olympic Rings Potato, and dried greening vegetables developed in Gangwondo.

The man in charge of The Gangwondo Agricultural Research and Extension Services (GARES), Ahn Wooyoung who developed Gagnwon Vegetables with Rice revealed, “Gangwon Vegetables with Rice contains seven healthy ingredients of four kinds of edible aster, groundsel, thistle, and parsnip, and wild herbs, mushroom, olympic rings rice, and olympic rings potato.” The GARES has also developed four kinds of sauce for people to enjoy diverse tastes by their preference. Especially, the Gangwon Vegetables with Rice is an apparently low sodium diet compared to previous Bibimbap.


Developed Healthy Rice Food Mixed with 7 Food Ingredients

The Rural Development Administration also has been actively instructing the cultivation technology of four kinds of wild vegetables through the industry-academy cooperation project to produce high quality vegetables for more reinforcement in the quality of Gangwon Vegetables with Rice. Especially, the Administration has raised the contents of dietary fiber in vegetables with detailed and thorough technical instruction and ensured the management in food ingredients such as the reinforcement in antioxidant activity.

The union president Ahn Doyoung said, “Now we are exporting Gangwon Vegetables with Rice only to the U.S where there is no tariff for rice exportation, but as the export market has been varied, we plan to grow it into a premium food in the world." He expected, “If we can promote the merit of Gangwon Vegetables with Rice targeting buyers and expand the export, we will increase the export amount of 100 to 200 million won next year.


Promote The Expansion of Export to Italy Following The U.S

As overseas consumers have paid high interest in health, recently the demanding repurchase in the U.S tends to increase. Accordingly, we have been strengthening the marketing to expand the consumer market for Korean American to that for local Americans.

At the same time, to improve the marketability of exportation, we have developed a Chuncheon Chicken Rib Fried Rice to strengthen the textures of chicken ribs, thistle, and aster but also a cup rice to help overseas consumers to eat easily and conveniently for a long period. Through the regular meeting with import buyers, we have been strengthening the export management such as the receipt of demands by local consumers and their prompt improvement.