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A King Trumpet Mushroom Exporting Farm in Demand from International Buyers
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  • Date : 2018-09-04 15:00:19
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Having successfully launched its export in 2018, Haenammushroom Co., Ltd. expects that it will export about 100 million won this year. The company plans to stabilize the domestic sales price and present the excellent taste of the homegrown king trumpet mushroom to international consumers by pioneering its export markets. Having successfully embarked on its export, the company is attacking the global mushroom market through increasing its export volume and systematic quality management.


King Trumpet Mushroom Export Price 20% Higher

The king trumpet mushroom grown by Haenammushroom Co., Ltd. draws spotlight as a popular export product as it boasts firm tissue and excellent storageability. CEO Kim Hwang-ik said, “As we export to Japan this year for the first time, we expect that the domestic king trumpet mushroom price, which has been destabilized by the overproduction, will stabilize,” and raved over the excellent benefits from the export by adding, “Our exported mushrooms are consumed by Japanese households. As we begin our export at a price 15 to 20% higher than the domestic price, it has several advantages such as guaranteed year-round high price and stabilized domestic price.”

Cleaving to high quality and premium with a view to increasing its export volume, Haenammushroom Co., Ltd. makes unstinted investments in temperature & humidity control and mushroom management. Having grown king trumpet mushroom since 1999, CEO Kim Hwang-ik demonstrates such a high level of quality management that he is touted as the greatest South Korean expert on king trumpet mushroom farming.

Currently, the company exports only to Japan, but by diversifying its export market this year, the company expects to sign sales agreements with such countries as Australia, the Netherlands, and Malaysia. As more and more importers from Australia, the US, and Europe visit the farm for purchase talks, the company expects that its export will more than double or tripple next year.


Cinching Its First Export by Connecting to a Buyer at a Fair

CEO Kim Hwang-ik said, “By talking with a buyer that Rural Development Administration (RDA) hooked up with us at the 2017 Agriculture Fair, we came to sign our first contract for export to Japan,” and described the advantages of the One-on-One Buyer Matching program by adding, “We owe our successfully launched export to the RDA’s support system which supports exporting farming households not as an isolated case but from a mid-to-long-term perspective.

At the company’s first export contract, the importer visited the farm of Haenammushroom Co., Ltd., where he had a meticulous review of the mushroom, its growth, export packaging, mushroom screening area etc., which convinced himself to sign off on a purchase contract. Lately, the company has decided to increase the size of its used glass bottles with the aim of improving the quality of its exported mushroom from 1,100CC to 1,400CC, which is proving effective in increasing output and giving extra firmness to its tissue. Especially, as the bottle size increases, the enlarged mushroom now gets two stems, thus making the tissue firmer and improving its taste.


Expanding Export Market into 5 Countries

With a view to increasing its export of king trumpet mushroom to Japan, Haenammushroom Co., Ltd. is increasing its marketing to locals as by actively participating in good sampling events for local buyers in Japan and international fairs among other. The company plans to increase its export countries to five by next year through pioneering export markets and producing high-quality king trumpet mushrooms. Furthermore, through its research jointly conducted with RDA and Jeollanam-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services, the company plans to develop new varieties of mushrooms for experimental farming and nurture them into export products. By actively publicizing the anti-cancer ingredient included in the mushroom, the company will work to export it as a new functional mushroom coming on the heels of king trumpet mushroom. Currently, the company is moving fast to prepare its export, sending samples to Australia, Malaysia, the Netherlands etc. and checking the locals’ reaction to them.