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Health & Wellness / Wando Abalone, Becoming Known Overseas
2021-08-26 10:04:57


Wando in Jeollanam-do is one of the largest abalone producing regions in Korea. About 13,000 tons of abalone are produced every year in Wando alone, which is approximately 70% of Korean abalone. The pristine environment of Wando has allowed it to grow into the perfect place for producing abalone. Particularly, since its establishment in 2009, WandoAbalone CO., LTD. has been taking the lead in expanding its overseas market by exporting Wando abalone.



Wando Abalone CO., LTD.


#Wando Abalone CO., LTD.’s Efforts to Raise Quality of Abalone 
In management of abalone, WandoAbalone CO., LTD. was especially concerned about maintenance of freshness. Due to a large amount of protein in abalone, it loses freshness rapidly unless it is kept alive. Also, because abalone is sensitive, it dies easily if packed immediately at the fishery. In order to solve such problems, WandoAbalone CO., LTD. manages 25 large water tanks according to the conditions of abalone (the fishery where purchased, and quality).

Additionally, an environment was created where optimum water temperature and amount of oxygen can be maintained in spacious water tanks, providing optimal conditions for abalone to stay calm. In the summer, the company even operates a ‘low-temperature fresh packaging room’ to avoid high-temperature exposure which is fatal to abalone. 
In addition to HACCP, the company has obtained food safety certifications such as ISO22000, Halal, and FDA, and has recently obtained ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification), which is becoming more important. ASC is an international certification that verifies a company providing sustainable environment-friendly marine products.


CEO Lee Yu-sung

CEO Lee Yu-sung explained, “We acquired the certification because, as interest in environmental protection has recently increased overseas, consumers tend to prefer ASC-certified marine products. In order to publicize that abalone of WandoAbalone CO., LTD. is safe for anyone to consume, we are acquiring a number of international certifications as well as quality assurance.”



#Processed Products, Well-Received Overseas
WandoAbalone CO., LTD. has been devoted to developing processed abalone products in order to lessen the perception that abalone is a high-end food ingredient and to popularize it. Currently, the main processed product is the canned abalone. Considering the tastes of overseas consumers, Mara flavor and other various flavors have been developed.

Also, it is highly regarded especially in Singapore because it can be ordered to meet the buyer’s request for a flavor. About USD 3 million in actual exports are produced every year, and this year, canned products made with abalone and ginseng have been exported. WandoAbalone CO., LTD. also produces a variety of products such as abalone rice porridge and marinated abalone. The abalone rice porridge is greatly favored in Southeast Asia and North America, and is sold on Amazon in the United States.
Also, in Japan and North America, there has been an increase in exports of frozen abalone which is prepared and ready to use as a cooking ingredient. In Korea as well, frozen abalone, which is ready to use as a food ingredient, is sold in large markets, and changes in consumers’ propensity to consume are continuously being studied. Through such efforts, the company plans to actively develop products in the future.
CEO Lee Yu-sung said, “The core value of the company is to satisfy consumers with honest products and the highest quality. All the products that we offer are synonymous with the face of a fisherman and with the face of Wando. We will live up to our reputation and continue to honestly produce the best products in terms of quality and hygiene.” 



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